Where we ate… in Menorca


This post is long overdue, but we didn’t want to miss the opportunity to have a little overview of some of the best places we tried during our holidays in Menorca.

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Hey, let’s go to Aberd…sorry, to Stonehaven!


You might not know this, but you´ve probably seen Stonehaven a few times. A picture of its castle, Dunnotar Castle, is one of Windows 7´s wallpapers. Stonehaven is also known for something that, for this blog´s purpose, had a lot more interest than that. It is the birthplace of… the deep fried Mars bar!!! and that is exactly what it sounds… A Mars chocolate bar, covered in batter and deep fried in oil.

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Hey, let’s go to Aberdeen!


We went to Aberdeen (Scotland) for a long weekend break. We spent a couple of days in Aberdeen, and also took a day-trip down to Stonehaven. Two very different places, but we enjoyed both of them.

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Lia Cafe – Jimbaran, Bali


A combination of factors turned this dinner into our best dinner in Bali.

It was our last night in the amazing island. Our bags were packed and in the car, and we stopped for dinner in Jimbaran before heading back to London.

Lia Cafe had been recommended by the locals who ran our hotel, so it was cheap, and by the owners of Cuca Restaurant too, so the food had to be good! Also, it was one of the many seafood restaurants that crowd Jimbaran beach and are famous for the sunset views. Our last dinner was looking promising!

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London’s Chinatown


Following on the Asian theme, we recently had the chance to enjoy the latest Jackie Chan adventure film thanks to the Terracotta Film Festival. It was on a Saturday morning in Chinatown, so we decided to make the most of our day around China´s corner in London

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