Sweet potato, feta cheese & pesto burgers

Sweet potato, feta cheese and pesto vegetarian burgerssweetpotato1

Looking for more imaginative recipes for our meat free week, I came across a recipe that combines three of my favourite foods: sweet potato, feta and pesto. It’s a combination of ingredients that you can use in a pasta or rice dish or as a bake, for example, but I had never thought of turning them into a vegetarian burger patty!

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Meat Free Week


We decided to take part in this year´s Meat Free Week mainly for one reason… curiosity! We had never spent a week without any meat (probably not even a couple of days!), so we wanted to see what it was like.

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Mushroom soup with Parmesan cream


When we took this recipe from Waitrose Magazine, we just thought it would be nice to make a mushroom soup. I had never done one before, and to be honest I thought it would take longer and more effort. However, I was as surprised with how easy it was as with how tasty it turned out. It was delicious.

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Let’s pizza!


A while ago I decided it could be a good idea to start baking at home. Not seeing me amongst Victoria sponges, macaroons, 34-tier cakes, sugar-overdose-style cupcakes – despite being constantly bombarded with Great British Bake Off-esque TV programs – I set target on the humble bread.

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