Bali cooking class – Part 2: Auntie Puspa’s master class


After a very informative trip to the market, our driver took us to a lovely house surrounded by rice paddies. Like all houses in Bali, it had its temple inside, and was made of several buildings joined by small patios.

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Bali cooking class – Part 1: Visit to Ubud’s market


We had never considered going to a cooking class before, but there were 4 different cooking classes in the top 10 “things to do” in Bali according to Trip Advisor, so we decided to give it a try! Also, Balinese cooking is quite different to most of the cooking we do, so we knew we were going to learn something new.

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Cuca Flavor – Jimbaran, Bali

cuca1  It was 7pm, and we were in our hotel, in the incredible island of Bali. We had just got back from a busy day visiting temples and palaces, and had decided to have dinner at Jimbaran.  This small coastal village is famous for its fish restaurants, lined up on the beach, with all tables facing the sunset.

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Where we ate in… Bilbao


As part of our long weekend in Spain, we spent our last days in Bilbao, which was a real surprise for the both of us. Being from 2 different regions in Spain (Salamanca and Asturias) with strong culinary traditions, all we can say about the capital of the Basque Country is…hats off! Amazing place!

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Where we ate in… San Sebastian


This post about San Sebastian is not going to be very exhaustive… We were there just for a Sunday afternoon and a Monday morning, therefore some of the places we wanted to go to were closed! However, we did manage to find a couple of lovely places to eat.

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