Apple, date & ginger chutney


I had never tried making chutney before, so when a colleague turned up with 2kg of cooking apples from her garden I thought this could be the best opportunity to try. Even if my favourite is onion chutney, you can also make it with mango, tomatoes, pineapple, and of course apples! Chutneys are made in a very similar way to jams, but the vinegar and spices turn it into the perfect companion for strong cheeses, rather than buttered toast.

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A KitKat Cake


I am not really into beautiful or spectacular looking cakes. A cake is supposed to taste good, not to look like you could display it at the museum of architectural design. That is one of the reasons, the other is because my patience is very limited, so I can´t cope with hours of piping and decorating. However, one day I saw a Kit Kat cake somewhere online, and I couldn´t help but wondering if I could make one myself. After all, the one covered with Maltesers didn´t go against my rules of ‘no supernatural colours’ and ‘no edible clay on cakes’, so I decided to give it a go. It was also my first time using buttercream, and it went pretty well! The cake looked awesome and was very tasty. Done and dusted!

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Guinness chocolate cake


A chocolate cake made with Guinness doesn´t necessarily sound very appetizing. That is until your eye meets the actual cake, dense, moist and very dark in colour. I had heard that the best recipe for this cake was Nigella´s, and it really was delicious, I don´t think I would bother trying any others. The recipe method is quite different to most cake recipes too, which made the experience of making it quite fun! (Well, I enjoy cooking!)

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Hey, let’s go to Aberd…sorry, to Stonehaven!


You might not know this, but you´ve probably seen Stonehaven a few times. A picture of its castle, Dunnotar Castle, is one of Windows 7´s wallpapers. Stonehaven is also known for something that, for this blog´s purpose, had a lot more interest than that. It is the birthplace of… the deep fried Mars bar!!! and that is exactly what it sounds… A Mars chocolate bar, covered in batter and deep fried in oil.

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